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MyLeave HRIS Service

MyLeave is a simple-to-use online HRIS database allowing organisations to store essential employee information and keep track of holiday entitlements, annual leave, sickness and absenteeism.

Keep all your employee details up-to-date online
Save money and time by reducing unnecessary processes
Easy access, anytime, anywhere and on any smart device
No fuss or paperwork

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Features & Benefits

Reminders and Alerts Set up email alerts to remind approvers to action a request. Let the system email you if you have too many days left.

Outlook and Gmail Calendars MyLeave allows you to sync your MyLeave calendar with your Outlook, Gmail and Apple/Mac Calendars.

Flexible Work Pattern The system allows you to set up mulitple work pattern template. Gives you the freedom to have any shift pattern.

Bradford Factor & Core Reports Keep track on employees whose absenteeism needs reviewing. Instant graphical reports and excel exports.

Sign Off Rules and Groups You can set up different levels of sign off for any request. Mix 'n' Match the approval process with individual sign off and groups.

Automated Holiday Policies Using incremental rules the system will be able to create holiday policies year after year, which gives you holiday entitlement without any fuss.

Employee Records Store all your employee’s details, easy to update and find.

Probation and contract dates Keep track on employee's probation periods and contract dates.

Custom forms Design custom forms for your employees to fill in. You can build anything from performance reviews to asset disposals.